Louise Kenward Creative Outputs

In this page we share the creative outputs of the research project created or facilitated by Louise Kenward. We worked with several artists who facilitated creative workshops for people with energy-limiting chronic illnesses. Some of the artists were commissioned to create their own art work, based on the workshops they facilitated. All of them facilitated workshops with the community and we also share here the works created by the community of people with chronic illnesses who participated in the workshops.

Louise Kenward

Louise facilitated writing workshops with the community and was also commissioned to create her own creative response. The prompts revolved around thinking about how the tradition of fairy tales could help participants think about imagining better futures for health and social care for people living with energy-limiting conditions.

This Sway presents Louise’s story, based on her interaction with the community. You can click the maximise symbol to maximise the page. If you prefer, you can listen to Louise reading her story on YouTube (this video is inside the Sway) but you can also listen/watch on the YouTube app by clicking here.

If you prefer, you can access Louise’s story on a PDF available here (click the downward arrow or the download button to download the document).

Works Produced by Participants in Writing Workshops Facilitated by Louise Kenward

This Sway presents a booklet of works produced by the community who engaged in the workshops.

These works were created by participants of the writing workshops facilitated by Louise Kenward in 2024.

The main prompt was to use fairytales to consider how this framework could help us imagine better futures of health and social care. This booklet compiles some of the creations from participants. Some pieces are complete works others are works in progress.

If you prefer you can access the booklet with creations from the community on a PDF available below (click the downward arrow or the download button to download the document).

Comic Book illustrated by Julian Grey with a script by Louise Kenward

You can access the comic book as a PDF below (click the downward arrow or the download button to download the document).

You can also access this in a booklet format by clicking here.